• Computed Layout a tumblr created by Raphaël Bastide and Louise Drulhe in 2015, the first intention to gather tools, student’s and professional’s projects, and events around experimental publishing systems.
  • Paged Media is a blog which advocates for innovative approaches to making books in browsers. Created in 2016 by Dave Cramer and Adam Hyde.
  • Print-css.rock: Generating PDF from XML/HTML and CSS - A tutorial and showcase for CSS Paged Media. Analogy between the PDF genartor tools: PDFreactor, PrinceXML, Antennahouse et Vivliostyle.


  • Les cahiers du studio: Collaborative and chronological documentation tool for an online and live note taking.
  • OSP’s HTML2PRINT: is a boilerplate to start a print project using HTML, less/CSS and Javascript/Jquery. It was used for workshops, thesis and more…
  • Libriis: sister project of HTML2PRINT, libriis allows you to write and organize your contents with markdown, design your layout with css and js, export to pdf and share your work with git.
  • Brass Print Tool: An article about Villa Hermosa’s process to generate PDF flyers from a unique database.
  • PDFutils: set of scripts to use and convert RGB pdfs into color separated CMYK. It includes HTML pages overviews of each CMYK plates.
  • The Sausage machine: For texts in ePub, icml or html format.
  • hybrid publishing Group: deliver multi-format publishing solutions by designing technology workflows, upskilling publishing teams and applying new strategies to publishing models.
  • Bindery.js: a library for designing printable books with HTML and CSS.

Linked projects and initiatives

  • 80c: a network of artists, musicians and designers using, teaching, learning, writing free software as part of their practice.
  • relearn: a summer school gathering artists, students, teachers from various fields. Relearn focus on collective learning experiments with as many teachers as it has participants.
  • LGM: Libre Graphic Meetings
  • RMLL: Rencontres Mondiales du Logiciel Libre