What is PrePostPrint exactly?

PrePostPrint is a label and a website aiming to promote graphic objects and resources in line with the following characteristics:


The graphic object is crafted within an experimental or unusual approach with alternative, hacked or DIY tools, made in a certain context constrained by its economy, its emergency or its collaborative nature.

Free Software

The tools used to make the object and if it is possible, the content of the object itself, are published under a free (software) license.


The object is documented according to the PrePostPrint criteria, then published on the website

Who is behind the project?

PrePostPrint was initiated by Sarah Garcin and Raphaël Bastide in 2017. We are now an undefined group of designers, artists, researchers, teachers sharing a wish to explore our tools and invent new ways of making web and print publications.

What are your actions?

PrePostPrint wants to gather those working with experimental publishing techniques and to help to make their projects and tools more accessible. We share the desire to re-think all links in the chain of publishing especially free software tools. We want to forego the classical DTP programs and turn to technologies that are more accessible and sociable, and that can evolve and adapt for each given project.

Our actions so far, are:

  • maintaining a database of people, projects, studios fitting with our interests
  • organizing graphic design / publication / coding workshops in schools, universities or for nonprofits
  • giving lectures

Can I submit my project?

Sure! You can read on the submit page what kind of publications we would like to show and submit yours on the same page.

Is the “Selection” exhaustive?

No, it’s not. There is a lot of interesting projects that meet PrePostPrint interests. The “Selection” page tries to gather the most emblematic projects either from a technical or aesthetic point of view, or sometimes because the design conditions or process itself is singular. We try to keep our “Selection“ page as representative of the production as possible, but it is possible we miss some outstanding work. In this case do not hesitate to submit it so we can become aware of it.

Are you a design studio?

No, we don’t do commissioned work as PrePostPrint, however you can contact the members individually if you are interested to work with the tools or processes showed in this website.

What does “free software” mean?

Free software, or libre software, is computer software distributed under terms that allow users to run the software for any purpose as well as to study, change, and distribute it and any adapted versions. In the context of PrePostPrint, free software licenses are a fundamental aspect : They allow our experiments, knowledge, tools and systems to be open, to evolve and to be shaped according to the different use individuals or studio can imagine. Commons free software used for graphic design are: GNU / Linux, Inkscape, Krita, a web browser such as Firefox, Scribus, Gimp

How can I be involved?

We may need some help from time to time, to add new publications to de database. If you are interested to help or if you have any suggestion to improve the project in any way, feel free to contact us.

PrePostPrint also wants to welcome BIPOC and LGBTIQ to get involved in the selection of the publications, our discussions, our actions and also to help us to rethink the design scene we are part of, that we find unbalanced.

What is your economic model?

We don’t make money with PrePostPrint. Some designers can profit from the visibility of their project on this website, but PrePostPrint is a non-profit.

I found harmful information on this website

Despite our efforts to avoid sharing harmful publications, text, or ideas, do not hesitate to contact us if some content may harm you or some people you know. We will do our best to remove it as soon as possible.