What is PrePostPrint exactly?

PrePostPrint wants to gather those working with experimental publishing techniques and to help to make their projects and tools more accessible.

PrePostPrint is a label and a website aiming to promote graphic objects and resources in line with the following characteristics:


The graphic object is crafted within an experimental or unusual approach with alternative, hacked or DIY tools, made in a certain context constrained by its economy, its emergency or its collaborative nature.

Free Software

The tools used to make the object and if it is possible, the content of the object itself, are published under a free (software) license.


The object is documented according to the PrePostPrint criteria, then published on the website


Within PrePostPrint, a maintenance group has been formed to re-imagine how the initiative works. This maintainance group was formed in October 2022 at an event organised by Varia (Publishing Partyline) in Rotterdam, and is now working on re-imagining its orientations.

From March 2023 to October 2023, the maintainers are: Quentin Juhel, Julien Bidoret, Zeste Le Reste, Manetta Berends, Julien Taquet, Raphaël Bastide, Martin Lemaire, Simon Browne.

This group is in charge of the following tasks:

  • maintaining the infrastructure: the website and its server, the Element chat, the e-mail exchanges and the mailing list, the Mastodon (and Twitter) account, and any other tool that the maintainers would feel a need to have
  • defining/maintaining the orientations: the politics and the philosophy at the core of PrePostPrint

So far, this group follows these guidelines:

  • The group of maintainers is made of 10 individuals max
  • The maintainers commit for a rotation of 6 months
  • Every 6 months, a health check is done during a real life meeting and a call is made for inviting people to be part of the maintainers group. During this event, the maintainers can step down from their position to leave room for other maintainers who would like to join. A documentation of that event is published

We're currently working on all this; it’s an ongoing process.